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KidPreneurs focuses on invoking the essence of entrepreneurial mindset in kids. Kids will be learning the building blocks of business in a way that is engaging and fun. They work through the steps of generating ideas to solving a problem and learning innovation while learning basic business terms and concepts. The course ends in a Market Day, where the kids sell their products to real customers (family and friends). Certificates would be awarded at the end of the course*

This course is designed in such a way to enhance student’s skills in the following areas:

  • Critical Thinking and Mathematical Reasoning

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication and Soft Skills

  • People Management and Coordinating with others

  • Judgment and Decision Making

  • Leadership

  • Ethical Value

  • Co-curricular Activities

Age Group: 6yrs -9yrs

Class Time: 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Course Date & Duration: 22nd July, 2019 – 1st August, 2019 (Sat-Sun off)

Course Modules

1st day is all about ‘Idea Generation’ where kids will learn how to come up with a unique and interesting idea. The kids will make their very first ‘Product’ from their imagination by choosing materials from ‘MYSTERY IDEA BOX’ and then presenting it to others to incorporate soft skills in them.

2nd day would include fun activities to solve various problems given to the kids to inculcate the idea of ‘How to think like an entrepreneur and solve problems?’

The course includes kids teaming up and solving mystery case study riddles and puzzles in a fun way.

3rd day is all about developing ‘Emotional Intelligence’ that would focus on effective communication, self awareness and leadership skills. It would include interactive activities, games  and  group  session.

4th day is all about Risk Management. Kids will be taught about Risk and how to manage it by playing a game.  ‘Risk Taker’ is a game series that is all about allowing kids to think critically and enabling them to demonstrate the skills needed to calculate risks.

5th day consists of identifying needs and creating an innovative solution. Course material includes global problem followed by a video for kids to identify a needs and then present solutions in front of the class.

6th day consists of math tricks and tips to calculate fast like a pro. This one day course is inspired by Japanese Kumon’s Mental Math curriculum that is a collection of techniques, based on algebraic manipulation and visualization, that aid in large arithmetic calculations.

Day 7th will include series of clue finding activities that will allow kids to take obstacles and hurdles as a challenge and clear them using their entrepreneurial mind. This course is focused to enhance both mental and physical health which is important for every Entrepreneur.

Who said business is boring?  Day 8th and 9th would allow kids to step-by-step build their own mini-business and earn profit– and we make sure they have a lot of fun while they’re at it. The kids will build their own mini product stall of their choice example a Lemonade stand or a brownie stand and will interact real customers (family, friends and mentors).  Whatever our KidsPreneur will earn some of its portion will go to SOS village kids. This activity is not just focused on having a fun physical activity and generate money it is about value, humanity and selflessness.

The two day course will cover all the basics of

  • Logo Designing.
  • Creative Marketing techniques.
  • How to prepare a Sales pitch.
  • Concepts of budget, Profit and Revenue?
  • Effective Communication and leadership.
  • How to spread the word, share idea with folks and ask for help.


Basic tools and equipment would be provided to all students in the form of kits and gifts *

Fee structure:-

  • Early Bird Discount: Rs: 8500 till 18th July 2019
  • Regular Fee: Rs: 9500 (19th July 2019 – 22nd July 2019)
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